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Formation How to improve your purchasing negotiations


With this training course, you will enhance your purchasing negotiation skills through a specific method to prepare, exchange on best practices and work on negotiation behaviours.


» Negotiation and procurement process

The 5 steps of purchasing process : define business needs, develop procurement strategy, evaluate and select suppliers, negotiate

Identify the business requirement : standard or specific procurement, strategic purchases… and the consequences on negotiations

» Fundamentals on purchasing negotiation

Presentation of the negotiations steps

Stakes and targets

The different actors and their relationships

The main families of strategies

Each participant gives a briefing about a real negotiating situation. The other participants and the trainer help preparing the session.

» Method for successful negotiations

Check list for preparation : What is a stake?, Outline and prioritize objectives, Evaluate the balance of power, Analyse the mutual interest in negotiating, Prepare the arguments, Define strategy

• Lead and manage the negotiation Order of presentation of clauses Understand the communication process: verbal and non verbal, Active listening and empathy, How to sell goals, Identify the suppliers' strategies and tactics, Answering objections, Solutions to deadlock

Close the deal : Moments and signs to conclude, Formalize an agreement, Open to the future

Case study
Different cases will be prepared with the methodology and tools discovered and performed. During the debriefing session, the trainer will focus en behavioral aspects

» Identify your personal communication profile for better negotiations

The different types of negotiators, Identify your own style

Identify your personal communication profile: DISC assessment, VAK model

Adapt your communication to the suppliers' profiles

Develop assertive behaviour

Behavioral pattern to discover personal communication profile

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