Orsys : training in management and information technology

Orsys, Training for Professionals in Information Technology and Management

Orsys, with more than 37 years of experience, provides high quality, independant State of the Art seminars and hands-on courses covering needs of Managers and IT professionals. Orsys proposes a set of courses on the most important topics in IT technologies and management.


Attending an Orsys seminar is the best way to gain solid skills in the various IT domains and assess the most innovative applications and latest technological and managerial advances. These seminars also provide an opportune moment for participants to address their own experiences, identify pitfalls to be avoided and gather information to successfully deploy projects based on future solutions.

Hands-on courses

Orsys hands-on courses are designed to teach participants how to master IT methods and techniques. Intensive and advanced, these courses combine a number of case studies and exercises with discussions on concepts so that participants can quickly reach the desired level of specialization.

In-houses courses

The same experts who teach our public courses also teach our in-house courses. The same educational core techniques and level of experience are provided in order to guarantee the level of quality that accounts for the outstanding reputation of Orsys.
  ORSYS SAS Key Figures  
45 000 Trained Participants in 2013
97,4% Satisfied Clients
6000 Corporate Customers
42 M€ Turnover (2013)
103 Equipped Classrooms
13 Training Locations
  Training Centers  
Our training centers for hands-on courses, as well as the prestigious hotels where our seminars are held, are located close to underground stations, rail stations, motorways and airports.
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